What is it?

CTFchallenge is a series of web application hacking challenges created by me @adamtlangley. Each challenge is built on its own domain and acts like a real functioning website or application.

I felt like there weren't any realistic hacking challenges out there that felt like a real website and that had realistic vulnerabilities that you would find in the real world.

All the vulnerabilities that you will come across are either from my own experience of web development, pentesting or writeups from places like hackerone.

CTFchallenge is a great playground for the novice or elites with challenges of varying difficulty and is perfect if you're trying to get into the world of bug bounties or want to learn a bit more about web app security.

I enjoy making these challenges and love getting feedback and if you're feeling generous you can always kick in a few dollars/pounds or whatever using the buy me a coffee link below.

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